The Infinite Cold

Part of Durham Book Festival 2019


The Infinite Cold is a family-friendly immersive theatre experience. Specially commissioned by Durham Book Festival, and created by Anna Clarkson and Jennifer Hardy, The Infinite Cold takes you on a journey of imagination through the wonders of space and time as you watch the Night-Sky-A-Rama.

Soundscapes to follow…..


After Birth

Part of Co:LAB Festival, Royal Exchange Manchester 2018

afterbirthAfter Birth was a multi-media installation and performance putting the hidden issue of maternal mental health in public.  The drawings by visual artist Naomi Kendrick, the monologues written by playwright Nicola Schofield, and the soundscapes composed by composer Jennifer Hardy were presented at Co:LAB Festival 2018.

Set Designer David Haworth created a beautiful space in which to house them.