Jennifer Hardy is a Manchester based musician, songwriter, composer, sound designer and singing teacher, originally from Derry in the North West of Ireland.  She has spent time living and creating music in San Francisco, Sydney, Perth (Aus.) and Edinburgh as well as her home country.

It was in Edinburgh that Jennifer penned the album Blackened Eyes, a collection of raw folk songs beautifully displaying her blend of poetic lyrics and ever enchanting, unique vocal style. Available for download from Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Soundcloud or buy through the website shop.

The Blackened Eyes album release was preceded with performances at SXSW followed by a tour of Texas and California.  Festival appearances include, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Head For The Hills, Wickerman and Loch Lomond.

In 2018 Jennifer began work as a sound designer on After Birth, a commission at The Royal Exchange Co:LAB festival with visual artist Naomi Kendrick and writer Nicola Schofield.  The project was a multimedia installation and performance on maternal mental health issues.

In 2019 Jennifer created soundscapes for Infinite Cold, a commission by Durham Book Festival and shown at Gala Theatre, Durham with writer Anna Clarkson.  It was a piece of immersive theatre about the place of the human beings who live on Earth and beyond!

For latest project Jennifer has created an alter ego Queen Grace after the Irish pirate queen Gráinne O’Malley.  She will delve into the Irish folk music archives and draw some of her own experiences of growing up in Derry for some self penned songs. Her mission is to keep the culture of Irish folk music and stories of Irish people and in particular Irish women alive.

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